The Map


    1Seattle, United States -
    2Atlanta, United States -
    3Costa RicaNovember 6, 2014
    4Panamá, PanamaNovember 30, 2014
    5EcuadorDecember 11, 2014
    6PeruFebruary 8, 2015
    7BoliviaMarch 2, 2015
    8ChileMarch 9, 2015
    9ArgentinaApril 18, 2015
    10Tanga, TanzaniaMay 6, 2015
    11Zanzibar, TanzaniaJune 15, 2015
    12South AfricaJune 22, 2015
    13MongoliaAugust 15, 2015
    14Bali, IndonesiaSeptember 4, 2015
    15United KingdomSeptember 21, 2015
    16IrelandOctober 22, 2015
    17Barcelona, SpainNovember 10, 2015
    18Zürich, SwitzerlandNovember 27, 2015
    19SpainDecember 3, 2015
    20Amsterdam, NetherlandsJanuary 8, 2016
    21Stockholm, SwedenJanuary 19, 2016
    22IcelandJanuary 23, 2016
    23Boston, United StatesJanuary 29, 2016
    24Seattle, United StatesFebruary 3, 2016


    Update 1/2017: Happy to report that our plan worked just as we roughed it out! As you can see in the map above, we worked our way down through Central and South America to Patagonia, flew over to Tanzania where we luckily timed things perfectly for the 2015 Great Migration, and then took off on horseback in Mongolia in the fall. Of course there were so many other adventures along the way, afterwards and continuing on today!

    8/2014: Okay, okay, I know we said “No Map Required“…but maybe a map isn’t such a bad idea after all.  Hm?

    This is the route we have sketched out for our trip.  This is only a sketch!  Anything could happen and we’re completely open to it changing (and we’re updating it as we go).  We planned our trip around four “pillars” — one of which is already cut from the list.  Basically we asked ourselves, “what do we each want to see on this trip” and this is what we got:

    Aaron: Patagonia (because everyone says it’s unbelievable); Mongolia (I can’t tell you why…I’ve just always wanted to go.)

    Anner: Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge (you’ll note there’s no stop in Australia so this is off the list for now, but we still plan to do it someday!); Witness the Great Migration (because I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa).

    14 Responses

      • I LOVE snorkeling!! Aaron brought my prescription snorkel mask in last night so I can test it!! Might need an upgrade, but rest assured you can find me bobbing in the warm salty water every chance I get! -Anner

    1. Wow! Looks like quite the trip! Travel safe and keep a travel journal! I have ones from my grandparents and they are very cool to have!

      • Thanks Sarah! Sounds like your grandparents travel journal is a real treasure. We hope that this blog can be printed and bound when we’re done..but yes, we will certainly have some things written in physical paper form!

    2. Are you planning to walk the Inca trail to Machu Pichu? As you probably know, they have huts to stay in along the way and guides too.

    3. I know we joked about meeting up but … I will actually be in Cape Town, South Africa next August. Just saying. So excited for you two!

    4. I’m looking forward to your tales from Africa. I’ve always wanted to go there as well but, so far, two things have stopped me: I am TERRIFIED of non-standard insects, and I’m not sure what I can eat while I’m there. Can’t wait to read about your adventures there (and possibly get the real story on the bug situation).

      • Insects? Nope, until we get there we’re just going to pretend there are no insects, just like here in Seattle! Actually, I worry more about the standard ones (mosquitoes – ughh!). Part of the clothes we have will be from Ex Officio who makes shirts and pants with an integrated bugsaway nature. Hope it works – I’ll post about them in The Gear section once we’ve had a chance to test them!

    5. Greetings from N143rd !
      Following your blogs, the big question is always: where are you? Still in South America?
      So great to see the hidden places on earth, always thinking “Maybe one day…”
      All the best!

      • Hi Cordelia (and Wolf and the kids and Emily and Smilla!) – Hope 143rd is doing wonderfully!
        We’re currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina and headed off to Africa on May 3rd for our Tanzanian safari! Going to be quite a mind-blowing experience, we think. BA is a wonderful city and we’re looking forward to posting about it – you can always check our Facebook page ( to see our absolute newest photos and check ins.

    6. Hi,
      looks like you changed your plans? There was no Switzerland before? Say hello to the alps from us! Where are you planing to go to?


      • Our plans HAVE changed! We really weren’t planning on Europe at all, but now we just feel like we want to go. That’s the great thing about making our plans as we go! We have friends were planning to visit in Switzerland…but we don’t know exactly where yet. We’ll definitely hug an alp for you! 🙂

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